CRISP Health Information Exchange

  • University of Maryland, Upper Chesapeake Health supports the state wide health information exchange known as CRISP. We encourage our community providers to explore and register with the CRISP system to get information on their patients from Upper Chesapeake as well as organizations across the state, Delaware, Virginia and DC.
  • The CRISP Health information exchange allows clinical information to move electronically among disparate health information systems. The goal of the HIE is to deliver the right health information to the right place at the right time - providing safer, timelier, efficient, effective, equitable, patient centered care. In doing so, CRISP offers a suite of tools aimed at improving the facilitation of care for our region's providers. CRISP also offers information from the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program, Lab and Imaging providers and Skilled Nursing Facilities.

PDMP - Prescribers: Practitioners authorized to prescribe CDS in Maryland must be registered with the PDMP by July 1, 2017. In the future, the ability to obtain a new or renewal CDS prescribing permit from the Maryland Office of Controlled Substances Administration (formerly Division of Drug Control) will be dependent on having registered with the PDMP. This link between the CDS permit and PDMP registration has NOT taken effect yet.

If you currently have access to PDMP, you do not have to take additional steps at this time. You are already registered! Registration occurs only once and if you have ever registered for PDMP access in the past, you meet the legal mandate and are compliant with the PDMP course of instruction requirement under the law.

This PDMP Fact Sheet provides a summary of the mandate and how to register: PDMP Mandate Fact Sheet

  • Upper Chesapeake Health data is shared with CRISP and available to you there.
  • Go to the CRISP web site to learn more and sign up (

    *CRISP access can be granted to not only providers, but also designated office staff involved in clinical care

Access to Upper Chesapeake Information Systems

  • Upper Chesapeake understands that patients entrust us with the security and privacy of their data. Access to our systems is highly regulated, secured and audited.
  • Requests for access are carefully reviewed and the least level of risk associated with the need for care or payment are determined.
  • Submit your request here. You may also print, complete, and fax the form to 443-843-8916 or email to