From the most basic X-ray procedures to the 256-slice CT technology, our comprehensive imaging services offer efficient technology in a setting that promotes comfort and convenience. We offer the following:

CT Scans

Our CT System uses advanced spiral scan technology to rapidly image thin sections of the body. Because scans can be completed in just a few minutes, the radiation exposure is much less than with conventional CT systems.


Ultrasound is a simple procedure that does not require the use of radiation or special medications or dyes. During an ultrasound a small device called a transducer is placed over the area being examined. Sound waves pass through the skin from the transducer and bounces off organs and tissues in the body. These sound waves are reflected back to the transducer. The sound waves are converted to an image and appear on a monitor that will be evaluated by the radiologist.


Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) uses a large magnetic field and a computer system to create images of internal body structures. Our high-field strength magnet provides superior images in the shortest possible scan time.

Nuclear Medicine

Our nuclear medicine equipment is capable of performing standard nuclear medicine imaging such as lung, thyroid, and bone scans. During a nuclear medicine procedure small amounts of a radioactive material are administered by IV, capsules or inhalation. This radioactive material travels to the organ or tissue to be evaluated. The radioactive material will give off a form of radiation that can only be detected by our nuclear medicine equipment.

Women's Imaging

All women's imaging services, including mammograms, are provided in our Breast Center.