Our wide range of classes, offered in-person and virtually, as able, is designed to keep you safe, healthy, informed and supported throughout your pregnancy. 

Find a class that's right for you. Use the checkbox menu on the right of the calendar below to select the class category/categories for which you'd like to search. Simply click the boxes to select and unselect the categories as needed and those classes will appear in our listing.

St. Joe's knows that timing matters to expectant parents. You may register for our programs as early in your pregnancy as you'd like, but are advised to schedule your general childbirth education class attendance starting at weeks 27 or 28 of your pregnancy. All members of the community are welcome, but priority for in-person classes will be given to those delivering at UM St. Joseph.

If you have any questions, please contact our Childbirth and Family Education team at 410-337-1880 or SJMChildbirthEd@umm.edu.

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Online Class and Virtual Support is Available

Keeping you safe, informed and supported during your pregnancy is our top priority. We encourage you to register for our Childbirth, Baby Care and Breastfeeding classes.