Our wide range of classes is designed to keep you safe, healthy, informed and supported throughout your pregnancy.

An Important Safety Announcement: For the safety of our expectant parents and their families, and in accordance with current public health recommendations, we are currently hosting VIRTUAL CLASSES only, with the following exceptions: Little Latch Club support group meetings will be held in person, with attendance limited to 10 people; registration is required. Car seat safety checks are still being offered, as they take place outdoors. Please see the updated calendar listing below for more details and registration information.

Those who are currently registered for an in-person class will be contacted by one of our nurse educators, who will help coordinate an online course schedule that best meets their needs.

St. Joe's is aware that timing matters to expectant parents. Please know that you are welcome to register for our programs as early in your pregnancy as you'd like, but are advised to schedule your class attendance to coincide with weeks 28-37 of your pregnancy.

We are dedicated to staying connected with you in all the most important ways as you prepare for your baby's birth. If you have any questions about any of the programs or events listed, please contact our Childbirth and Family Education team of registered nurses at 410-337-1880 or SJMChildbirthEd@umm.edu.

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Online Class and Virtual Support is Available

Keeping you safe, informed and supported during your pregnancy is our top priority. We encourage you to register for our Childbirth, Baby Care and Breastfeeding classes.