June 2022

Telemetry Nurse Jeremiah Soko, RN, was nominated by a patient's family member for his open and soothing manner, his compassionate responsiveness and his dedication to treating others with kindness and dignity. 

May 2022

Medical Surgical Intensive Care Unit Nurse Kathryn Hacke, RN, was nominated by a patient for her compassionate care and support throughout a challenging recovery, and by a colleague for her professionalism, inclusiveness and nurse mentoring skills. 

December 2021

Labor and Delivery Nurse Kristina Collins, RN, was nominated by a patient for her exceptional care and dauntless support throughout a difficult pregnancy and the birth of both her sons.

July 2021

Palliative Care Nurse Practitioner Shannon Nagy, NP, was nominated by a patient's daughter for helping to create loving and lasting family memories during her mother's last days.

April 2021

Pediatric Nurse Angie Sniffen, RN, was nominated by a patient and her mom in recognition of her supportive, professional and compassionate care--a godsend for a family coping with a health crisis.

November 2020

Orthopaedic Nurse Sandra Simmons, RN, was nominated by a patient's family member, who was touched by Sandra's compassionate care and warm concern—a particular comfort during the COVID pandemic, when hospital visitation is limited for patient safety.

July 2020

Wound Ostomy Nurse Judy Stasuk, RN, was nominated by one of her peers for her above-and-beyond efforts to meet a patient's special request during the COVID-19 pandemic.

January 2020

Labor & Deliver Nurse Melinda Sparkes, RN, was nominated by a grateful patient for her commitment to excellence in providing exceptional, quality care, with heart and humor.