Our curriculum is focused on preparing you for all scenarios you may see as a physical therapist, packing in years of training into a 14-month orthopedic physical therapy residency.

Working side-by-side with our physical therapists, we'll train you to treat more than 50 primary health conditions, including conditions in the nervous (like carpal tunnel syndrome) and the complete musculoskeletal system.

Inpatient Rotation

We believe that seeing where patients come from prior to arriving at a rehabilitation facility gives physical therapists more empathy for their patients while also giving them a clinical look at acute-care treatment. Residents will watch the surgeries that they will be helping patients recover from, getting a first-hand view of the trauma the human body goes through during surgery. Residents will develop a greater appreciation for vital signs and other co-morbidities that may complicate a patient’s recovery.

By working with these orthopedic patients in acute care, the residents will gain a different perspective as they see them in outpatient. 

Outpatient Rotations

Sports Medicine Rotation

During this rotation, you'll gain experience working with patients recovering from sports-related injuries, whether or not those injuries require a surgery. Residents will learn what it is like to work in a free standing outpatient orthopedic clinic. They will work with post-surgery patients and guide the patients through their recovery. They will also learn how to deliver exceptional care while managing a full caseload of patients. 

Hospital-Based Outpatient Clinic

Our hospital-based outpatient clinic sees a variety of patients, from those with sports-related injuries to those who are focused on resuming everyday activities. Here the residents will work with more generalized orthopedic issues, mainly non-operative patients. The resident will also work in the adult emergency room, honing their differential diagnosis skill set. The resident will become familiar with the various aspects of working in a regulated clinic. 

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