Our unique residency program will provide participants with both the clinical experience and didactic training to provide the highest quality of neurologic physical therapy management throughout the continuum of care.

Clinical Rotations

Our 14-month program is comprised of three clinical rotations and will meld both clinical and academic partners in the University of Maryland System.

First Phase

The initial phase of our residency will occur at the University of Maryland Medical Center – Downtown Campus. This phase will encompass acute care experiences in the neuromuscular practice domain. Residents will manage a variety of patients with acute neurologic diagnoses.

Second Phase

The second phase of the residency program will be at the University of Maryland School Rehabilitation & Orthopedic Institute (UM Rehab). The clinical experiences at UM Rehab will target the acute rehabilitation setting.

Focused settings will allow residents to:

  • manage patients on the stroke, brain injury, spinal cord injury and neurologic outpatient units.
  • manage patients with complex neurological diagnoses and other comorbidities on each of the rotations.
  • participate in clinics unique to neurological diagnoses, including movement disorder, electromyography, neuromuscular disease, multiple sclerosis, concussion, inpatient and outpatient seating, spinal cord injury, stroke and spasticity.

Third Phase

The final phase of the residency program will be at the University of Maryland Medical Center – Midtown Campus and Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital. This phase of the program will return residents to an urban acute medical facility to provide additional acute medical experiences. Residents will also finalize the residency curriculum, which includes participation in a monthly amyotrophic lateral sclerosis clinic and additional experiences with pediatric patients with neurological diagnoses.

Didactic Training

Residents will receive concurrent didactic training from the exceptional faculty at both University of Maryland Doctor of Physical Therapy programs. Residents will have the opportunity to provide academic lectures, serve as lab assistants in clinical neuromuscular teaching labs and conduct research.

Residents will complete the program with a breadth and depth of knowledge requisite to managing patients/clients with neuromuscular dysfunction in contemporary physical therapy practice. This unique and multi-faceted program affords residents a wide variety of experiences, both clinical and academic, unique to the University of Maryland Medical System.