Samuel Asanad, MDSamuel Asanad, MD
Transitional Year resident
Class of 2021

"Reflecting on this intern year, I can confidently say that I gained a comprehensive experience in Internal Medicine in a very short amount of time. I have learned a great deal from not only exceptional faculty mentors, but also my colleagues. Despite being a transitional year, I appreciated being treated no different from the categorial interns. In addition to clinical skills, the Baltimore community equipped me with a profound set of social skills and cultural competence when working with patients from diverse ethnic backgrounds, many of which have limited access to health care.

I cannot emphasize enough how much my internship experience was enhanced with a strong sense of comradery, which in many ways resembled an extended family. Sheera and Wanda are amazing in not only coordinating the program, but also ensuring the well-being of residents. As Midtown's program director, Dr. Chow fuels your passion for medicine though his unparalleled sense of humor and desire to teach.

Among the rotations, I was especially grateful for my experience in the ICU, which was notably valuable during the COVID era. In light of the pivotal research conducted at the University of Maryland, I am tremendously honored and humbled to have been among the first to receive the COVID vaccine and to continue providing care for patients during a critical time. Moving on to Ophthalmology residency at the University of Maryland, I know that my foundation here at Midtown is one that will allow for a seamless transition where friendships will continue to strengthen, familial bonds will continue to grow, and new advancements in medicine will continue to unravel."

Vikrant Khare

Vikrant Khare,MD

Transitional Year resident

Class of 2020

"As my Transitional Year comes to an end, I look back fondly upon the memories I made here at UMMC Midtown Campus. It has been a rewarding and strong learning experience. Having never worked at a community hospital before, the support and learning opportunities you are given is unparalleled. The work- friendly environment is one of the key reasons why my year at Midtown was memorable - there is a sense of camaraderie and support from all angles. Furthermore, there are many attendings who were once residents at the program, which shows how much they enjoyed being here.

Finally, the attendings at the program catered to my learning - as I am a radiology TY, they all communicated radiographic findings, elaborated on the sort of relationships clinicians and consultants have, and allowed me ample opportunities to perform procedures. Having talked to other classmates and colleagues from my past, I can confidently say I was given more than average opportunity to seek the research and procedures as compared to the average PGY-1. In summary, I feel like I have greatly grown this past year from all aspects of the Midtown experience, and it is the people at Midtown that made this happen."

graham tooker

Graham Tooker, MD

Transitional Year resident

Class of 2020

"Reflecting on my time spent at the University of Maryland Medical Center Midtown Campus and moving on to the next stage of residency is bittersweet, as I could not be more pleased with my experience there. I first learned about Midtown while rotating there as a third-year medical student and was fortunate to later match at Midtown for my Transitional Year. Midtown is a unique institution with a tight knit community of residents and faculty that assist with the difficult transition from medical school to intern year. It also provides a strong clinical curriculum through rotations on the medical floors, ER, ICU, and surgical services that all serve as a strong foundation for future training in any medical specialty. Dr. Chow, the program director is one of the program's greatest strengths. He is a stalwart advocate for the residents, fostering a supportive working environment that emphasizes compassionate care, continuing education, and quality improvement. I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to start my journey as a young physician at Midtown. I will cherish the lessons I have learned and friendships I have made, as I continue my clinical training as a radiology resident."

Moustafa Abou Areda

Moustafa Abou Areda, MD
Transitional Year resident
Class of 2020

"I can honestly look back at my transitional year training at UMMC Midtown campus with pride and fully attest to the life changing experience I had. Pausing now to remember where I was when I first started and seeing how far I have come is truly shocking. Although the experience was truly humbling in that I learned something new every day, I can say the physician I am today is miles and bounds greater than the one I was on day 1! That being said, this year taught me that no matter how far I have come, I have so much more to learn. At one time, this thought seemed daunting and paralyzing. However, it now an exciting and exhilarating prospect. The idea of learning more and my commitment to being a life-long learner burns brighter than ever! Moreover, it was both humbling and an honor to learn to manage such a diverse array of pathologies and to learned from such hardworking yet humble colleagues.

The best thing about this program has been the people - everyone from the security guards, to the nurses, to my co-residents and to the faculty. Learning here was more than just learning, it was also fun. This program has great cultural diversity, with the most amazing group of co-residents and faculty! I must also comment on this Midtown's program director, Dr. Chow. He has an earnest and honest passion for caring for his residents. I should mention his love for laughter and joy; his jokes definitely will keep you on your toes all year! Finally, the biggest thing I took from this program were the life-long friends I have made! I will always cherish and value the time we had together and I am certain our friendships will continue to live on, regardless of the distance between us or the many years that ceaselessly march on! Thank you, Midtown for the great year!"

Pandey Ankur

Ankur Pandey, MD
Transitional Year resident
Class of 2019

"Having just completed my transitional year training at UMMC Midtown Campus, I can look back and confidently testify to my outstanding experience here. It was a humbling experience to work with and learn to manage a wide range of pathologies from accomplished colleagues and I thoroughly enjoyed my wonderful colleagues bringing radiology related queries to my attention, thus making my training here even more fun. The program has great cultural diversity with an amazing group of co-residents and faculty who strive to know each other even outside of work environment, with the program providing several such opportunities. The attendings and staff are great teachers, know you by your name, and are highly approachable and supportive. Dr. Chow, our program director, genuinely cares for his residents and this was easily evident to me from his support towards my professional goals throughout my training while his amazing sense of humor never ceases to surprise you. Embedded within these qualities that one would desire to have in their transitional year internship training are the excellent opportunities for well-rounded training in medicine curriculum focusing on high-quality patient care, yet allowing a flexible elective schedule. Overall, I feel this program is a hidden gem! While the goal during internship year was to develop skills to facilitate my development as a better clinical radiologist, I left with much more including friendships to cherish and valuable clinical mentorship."

Aleeza Basi

Aleeza Abbasi, MD
Transitional Year resident
Class of 2018

"As intern year is coming to an end, I look back at my year at University of Maryland Medical Center Midtown Campus as an enriching and fulfilling experience. I feel humbled and fortunate to have practiced medicine among my colleagues and seniors who have taught me so much. The most important aspect of this residency program in particular is the friendly work environment that is comparable to a close-knit family. Many of the current attending physicians have trained here for residency and stayed on as faculty, which speaks volumes about the program. The Program Director, Dr. Chow, is the glue that holds the program together; he truly cares about resident wellness and is supportive of our career goals. In addition, the residency training at this community program is truly challenging and diverse as we treat the complex patients of Baltimore city. I feel that I have grown as a physician over the past year, and I am glad that I matched here for my transitional year!"

Etienne Schnbach

Etienne Schönbach, MD
Transitional Year resident
Class of 2018

I wanted to come to the University of Maryland Medical Center Midtown Campus for my transitional year because of the well-rounded training that the diverse medical and surgical curriculum allows. In addition to the medical training on the medical floors and in the ICU, several months of rotations are in the emergency department, in the operating room, and also in an ambulatory setting that offers hands-on experience in surgical specialties such as otolaryngology, ophthalmology, and urology. The program also gave me the opportunity to dedicate some time to my research interests. The commitment to excellence and the passion for innovation exhibited by everyone I met during my year at the University of Maryland Medical Center Midtown Campus embodies the type of physician I want to be."

Alkhatib Suehyb

Suehyb Alkhatib, MD
Transitional Year resident
Class of 2017

"The stand- out character of the UMMC Midtown Hospital residency program is our community. The program consists of a small class of 20 interns with 16 residents, who are all work together to make the program successful for everyone individually, and for the group as a whole. There is a wide array of staff we are all able to come to know on a personal level and to work together as an interdisciplinary team taking care of patients. All the attending hospitalists are approachable, skilled in teaching, and interested in getting to know the residents. The intimate collegiality and team work environment we have here can only be found in small community hospital settings like Midtown. At Midtown, residents are the heart of the hospital. We are the rapid response team, and we run most of the codes. In the ICU, we work with a fellow from Downtown and have plenty of opportunities to do procedures, as well as in the ED, and to scrub in on surgeries during our surgery rotation for Transitional Year interns. Every program will end up being what we take from the program, and the program at Midtown has a lot to offer."