Occupational TherapyIndividuals who have suffered a spinal cord injury or have spinal cord disorders face significant challenges that can impact nearly every aspect of their daily lives. Comprehensive multi-disciplinary rehabilitation is critical for maximizing physical function, preventing related complications, and helping you rejoin the community.

The University of Maryland Rehabilitation Network provides comprehensive rehabilitation and support services to help our patients with spinal cord injury or disorder reach their maximum potential, both physically and in daily living. Patients receive therapy based on their individual goals, needs and abilities.

  • Physical therapy programs help patients reach their highest level of function, including range of motion, strength, coordination and endurance.  
  • State-of-the-art technology, like the Lokomat robotic treadmill, which helps some patients with spinal cord injuries learn to walk again, sets the UM Rehab Network apart as a premier rehabilitation provider.
  • Occupational therapy programs enable patients to learn new ways to complete daily living and work skills they’ll need as they return to life outside of the hospital. Our program offers onsite kitchen and bathroom set-ups for training purposes.
  • Speech therapy helps those experiencing communication or cognitive issues to overcome those challenges.
  • Our Wheelchair Seating Clinic assists patients in making decisions about seating and mobility options.
  • A Spinal Cord Injury Support Group provides a compassionate forum for individual and group discussions about the unique challenges that individuals with spinal cord disabilities face.

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