Learn about the latest approaches and technologies that UM Cancer Network thoracic cancer specialists utilize in surgical, medical and radiation oncology, as well as imaging and screening.

Pioneering Treatments for Esophageal Cancer

When patients are diagnosed with a rare condition like esophageal cancer, accessing field experts is the best option for restoring patient health. The UM Cancer Network's multidisciplinary esophageal team has a broad toolkit of innovative treatments at their disposal to help patients at all stages of the disease, including cutting edge treatments, technologies and clinical trials.

Going Above and Beyond Standard of Care for Thoracic Cancers

The UM Cancer Network offers patients access to a multidisciplinary team of thoracic experts that look beyond standard of care for chest cancers. Patient are individually evaluated to determine the best course of treatment, including innovative options like minimally invasive radiation therapies and unique surgical procedures. Course of treatment can be determined in partnership with treating physicians.

Lung Cancer Screenings and a Multidisciplinary Team Improve Outcomes for Patients

A strong lung cancer screening program is a key component of detecting cancer early, and a multidisciplinary team is the most effective way to improve outcomes. Gavin Henry, MD, thoracic surgeon in the UM Cancer Network, explains more.