Learn more about how the UM Cancer Network utilizes the latest cancer survivorship approaches and methods to patients through diagnosis, treatment, follow-up and life after cancer.

Changes to CoC Standards Raises the Bar for Cancer Care

In late 2019, the Commission on Cancer (CoC) released their revised standards to improve the ways clinical teams support patients across the full spectrum of care. Learn how the new CoC Standards will raise the bar for cancer care at the UM Cancer Network's accredited centers.

New Modalities of Care Boost Cancer Survival Rates

New modalities of care, like immunotherapy and proton therapy, offer new opportunities for even the most complex cancer patients. Find out how UM Cancer Network's innovative methods of care increase survival rates and overall care efficacy.

Cancer Survivorship Services Bring Patients Hope After Diagnosis

Aiding patients in their transition from acute survivorship to extended and permanent survivorship is essential for producing the best patient outcomes. Learn more about how UM Cancer Network utilizes the CoC Survivorship Care Plan and other services to help patients navigate life after diagnosis and treatment.

Dietary Recommendations That Keep Cancer at Bay

Diet has become an increasingly important part of cancer care. Recent studies reveal a link between diet and cancer risk, while many more studies show how the proper diet can complement traditional care modalities. See how UM Cancer Network implements evidence-based diets for cancer prevention and controlling the disease after diagnosis.