Learn about the latest approaches and technologies that UM Cancer Network colon cancer specialists utilize in surgical, medical and radiation oncology, as well as imaging and screening.

ISCR Protocol Accelerates Recovery in Colorectal Surgery

Advanced surgical procedures coupled with enhanced recovery protocols results in improved clinical outcomes for colon cancer patients. Discover more about how the UM Cancer Network's colorectal surgery program can help your patients recover quickly and with fewer complications.

Advanced Techniques for Managing Metastatic Colon Cancer

Metastatic disease is notoriously challenging to treat, but there are numerous cutting-edge strategies available to help patients with colon cancer metastasis. Learn more about HIPEC and other advanced approaches that the UM Cancer Network takes to treating metastatic disease.

Colon Cancer Prevention Starts With Screening

Proactive screening is the best measure your patients can take to prevent colon cancer. Discover more about screening guidelines, which patients are the best candidates for this potentially life-saving practice, where to suggest screening within the UM Cancer Network, and more.