Guofeng Xie, MBBS, PhD

Guofeng Xie, MBBS, PhD


Associate Professor of Medicine

Guofeng Xie, MBBS, PhD

UM Faculty Physicians, Inc.

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Languages: English

Gender: Male


University of Maryland Medical Center Midtown Campus Surgical Specialty Suite Gastroenterology Center

800 Linden Avenue
Floor 9
Baltimore, MD 21201
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PH: 410-225-8301

FAX: 410-228-8415

MTC Gastro SSS Fac

827 Linden Avenue
Surgical Specialty Suite
Baltimore, MD 21201
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PH: 443-552-2539

FAX: 443-552-2681

About Me

Dr. Xie's clinical interests are in the areas of esophageal motility disorders and GERD. His basic and clinical research are focused on colon cancer and esophageal dysmotility, respectively.