Pediatric surgery preparing kids

It's natural to be nervous or not know exactly how to get you and your family ready for your child's surgery. We're here to help with any questions or concerns you may have.

In addition to what you get from our team, here's a guide to the steps that can help you and your child feel more prepared for their procedure. 

Before Your Child's Surgery

What to do for your child:

  • You can meet with our child life specialist
  • Talk to your child about what to expect – earlier for older children; closer to the surgery date for younger kids

What to do for you: 

  • Make sure the office has your best contact information in case there’s something you need to know before heading to the hospital
  • Refresh yourself on parking and drop-off process so you don’t delay your arrival
  • Contact the office if your child gets stick (fever, rash, a cold, the flu) in the week before surgery
  • Make sure adults who need to be available have off work or have coverage for their responsibilities
  • Find care for siblings or other children as it’s best for you to be able to participate fully in your child’s surgery care

What to Bring to Surgery

There are a number of things you can bring to the hospital for both your child and yourself to make surgery go smoother.

What to bring for your child: 

  • A favorite toy or item to hold for comfort (ask your team if the item is hospital-safe)
  • Music or books to keep their attention for quiet time
  • Pacifiers or teething toys for soothing
  • A change of clothes (preferably loose ones) to wear home

What to bring for yourself: 

  • Something to help you pass the time
  • Snacks and water/hydration
  • A list of questions for the team about steps after discharge
  • Phone numbers of people you might need to call
  • Insurance paperwork if needed to reference

After Your Child's Surgery

  • Make sure you know what kind of care your child needs in terms of bandages, activity, food, bathing and medicine
  • Allow time to pick up prescriptions at the pharmacy
  • Make sure to buy any supplies (band-aids, gauze) that the hospital might not provide you with

Here's a full list of what's important to watch when your child returns home after surgery. Remember you can call our office with any questions if your child has issues.