At University of Maryland (UM) Children's Hospital, you have access to an experienced pediatric urologist who can treat your child for a wide range of conditions. 

Our pediatric urology specialist is part of the pediatric surgery team and can perform specialized complex urologic procedures, if needed. Learn more about our pediatric surgery specialists and the conditions they help with

What You Get from UM Children's Urology

We offer services that can help your child with their urologic condition no matter how serious or simple. 

For some of the more common issues your child may have, you can access our bladder and bowel dysfunction clinics. They treat children with bedwetting (enuresis), urinary incontinence and constipation. 

Complex conditions that our pediatric urology team can help your child with include: 

  • Kidney swelling and ureter dilation (hydronephrosis/hydroureter)
  • Urine flowing back into the ureter or kidney (vesicoureteral reflux)
  • Obstruction from extra tissue in the urethra (posterior urethral valves)
  • Kidney and bladder stones
  • Urethra development issues (hypospadias/epispadias)
  • Ureter blockages requiring a surgical repair (pyeloplasty)

Visit Our Pediatric Urology Team 

You can choose from our offices conveniently located in and near Baltimore and surrounding areas: