The University of Maryland Children's Hospital's Pediatric AIDS Program (PACE) offers a safe environment in which access to state-of-the-art care is available to HIV infected and affected children.

Our program is designed to address the unmet service needs of populations disproportionately affected by HIV/AIDS. The PACE Program is a comprehensive HIV care program providing HIV counseling and testing, well-child care, specialized pediatric immunologic care, case management, pediatric psychology, mental health treatment, access to research and clinical trials, social work services, addiction counseling, and outreach to families affected by HIV disease. The support services needed by our clients -- infants and children -- are housed within our program, and coordinated linkage and communication occurs in the natural flow of treatment. Services are tailored to clients' needs and are responsive to consumer feedback and emerging needs in the local epidemic.

PACE Funding

Charitable contributions to PACE are needed to fund program enhancements and ensure comprehensive medical care for young HIV patients in an environment supportive of children and their families. To make a donation, please call the UMMS Foundation at 410-328-5770, or visit the UMMS Foundation Web site.