The Division of Pediatric Endocrinology offers a range of specialized services to evaluate and manage patients with endocrine disorders, including growth problems and diabetes control. Patients are treated using a comprehensive team approach.

Education and Nutrition Helps the Family Care for Ben's Diabetes

Four days before his sixth birthday, Ben started showing signs that something was wrong: he was increasingly thirsty and was urinating much more than usual. The Roelofs have a family history of diabetes, so they knew these symptoms needed immediate medical attention.

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Treating Low Blood Sugar to Keep Wade Active

Wade was born as an unexpectedly large-sized baby. Thankfully the family found out the reason why quickly. Wade and his family rely on endocrinology care at the University of Maryland Children's Hospital to be sure his hyperinsulinism is under control.

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Diabetes Diagnosis Sparks Ethen's Interest in Med School

Ethen is all about the facts. He is quick to say, “I have diabetes and basically I have to check my glucose monitor every hour. I have to change my pump every 3 days and I have to see the doctor every 3 months.” He can even explain to you what diabetes is and how his pancreas does not function normally.

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