Turbo the Turtle from the University of Maryland Children's Hospital

Turbo the Turtle is the mascot and community ambassador for the University of Maryland Children's Hospital.

Turbo spends most of his time out and about in the community, representing the more than 21,000 patients who are cared for each year by the University of Maryland Children's Hospital.

Turbo knows the University of Maryland Children's Hospital is here for the families of Maryland and the surrounding region. The pediatric specialists understand how to quickly diagnose and treat a problem, while working slowly enough with families so all questions are answered and everyone is comfortable.

Fun facts about Turbo:

  • Turbo is a reptile, which means he is cold-blooded. But don't be fooled – he has a warm personality. He also has a hard shell, but he is a real softy, just like the nurses and doctors at the Children's Hospital.
  • Turtles are notoriously slow movers, but Turbo is quick to pick up a book or kick a soccer ball! He knows that being active will help him stay healthy.
  • Turbo is a healthy eater, and he loves vegetables.
  • Turbo enjoys playing with the Child Life team within the Children's Hospital. They make him feel comfortable when he's at the hospital and get him involved in his favorite games and activities.
  • Turbo loves making new friends and meeting kids at the Children's Hospital and around Maryland. Nothing warms his cold reptile blood more than hugs from kids.
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