Newly licensed RNs are provided with the support, knowledge and the skills needed to successfully transition from student to professional nurse.

Nursing graduates become familiar with the clinical setting within their department through these opportunities:

  • Attending lectures given by physicians and nurses on specialty topics
  • Developing an individual mentorship with an experienced nurse
  • Establishing partnership goals
  • Getting a full orientation to the unit with your preceptor
  • Participating in one-to-one clinical preceptorship to apply skills and develop nursing competencies
  • Utilizing critical thinking exercises
  • Visiting various departments throughout the hospital such as pharmacy, radiology, out-patient infusion services (OPIS) and hospice

After completing the formal clinical preceptorship, new RNs continue orientation under the guidance of the preceptor and mentor.

Specially trained preceptors provide direction and support, including:

  • Comprehensive overview of hospital policies, procedures and how to integrate as a new hospital employee
  • Continued feedback and regular meetings with preceptor
  • Opportunity to meet with other departments and key physicians
  • Orienting to the clinical setting at UM Charles Regional Medical Center
  • Post conferences to review the progression of the orientation
  • Review of pertinent clinical topics
  • Reviewing policies and procedures for providing patient care
  • Structured preceptorship assuming gradual and progressive responsibility for patient care

Applicants must be a graduate of an accredited RN program with current licensure as a Registered Nurse in the State of Maryland or compact state.