Joanne G. –

"From the greeting when I entered the door to the goodbye when I left, each session was a pleasure. I have had several different physical therapy experiences over the years and this one was the most effective and most enjoyable."

Debra D. –

"UMCRR is a superb facility, from the front office to the physical therapy everyone is friendly and compassionate."

Betty K. –

"My therapist was extremely good and helpful. Together we worked hard and made great progress."

Michael M. –

"The staff is effective, courteous, and do a superb job. Thank you!"

Sharon G. –

"Thank you to all of the staff members. I couldn't have asked for better treatment from them. They were always courteous, caring and respectful. I would definitely come back. I will highly recommend them to anyone I know. Thank you all so much!"

Donna Y. –

"I have been very pleased with the entire staff! A wonderful group of people! I highly recommend to anyone requiring therapy. I am transferring therapy to North Carolina and will truly miss this wonderful group! Thank you all for helping me!"