The Genomics Shared Service has two options for low- to mid-plex custom genotyping. Both options take advantage of Illumina's technology, 'GoldenGate Custom Genotyping,' using either BeadArrays or Veracode technology.

For custom genotyping using BeadArrays, custom panels can be designed that interrogate 96 SNPs per sample, or between 382 and 1536 SNPs simultaneously. Custom panels can be designed to target specific pathways, diseases, or even species-specific panels.

Veracode technology takes advantage of digital holographic codes to provide a robust method for detection in a multiplex assay. The beads used in this method, combined with proven surface chemistry, allow for virtually unlimited number of unique bead codes to identify both the locus and genotype. Custom GoldenGate panels can be developed for 48-, 96-, 144-. 192-, or 284-plex assay kits.

Please inquire about pricing for these products, which vary drastically depending on the number of SNP markers to be assayed and the number of samples in the study. The lab has extensive experience running these GoldenGate assays on both BeadArrays and using Veracode technology.