The Fannie Angelos Cellular Therapeutics (FACT) Laboratory, operated by the Marlene & Stewart Greenebaum Comprehensive Cancer Center (UMGCCC) in partnership with the University of Maryland School of Medicine, is a self-contained cleanroom suite custom-designed and constructed using AES modular cleanroom technology and materials. 

Cancer Research

Our physicians and scientists are performing innovative research — including clinical trials — that increases scientific knowledge of cancer and improves outcomes, not just for our patients but for people with cancer around the world.

UMGCCC is one of a select few centers in the country to be accredited by the Foundation for the Accreditation of Cellular Therapy for CAR-T cell therapy and other forms of cellular immunotherapy in addition to blood and marrow transplant.  

Cellular Therapy Services 

FACT Laboratory operates under the Food and Drug Administration Current Good Manufacturing Practice (FDA-cGMP) guidelines to produce cell-based therapies in support of early phase clinical trials. Reengineering at the cellular level is transforming medicine, resulting in treatments — and in some cases, cures — for cancer, heart disease, diabetes and neurological disorders.

As the first and busiest CAR-T program in Maryland, we have treated more than 350 patients since 2018. Our transplant and cell therapy (TCT) program helps support all forms of cellular therapy for cancer.  Current personalized cell-based therapies and research for cancer and regenerative medicine include:

  • CAR-T cells for cancer treatment
  • Islet cells
  • Immune cell detection and monitoring following CAR-T and other forms of immune cell therapy

A variety of shared scientific resources provide support and facilitate specialized research activities for all UMGCCC investigators in this therapy service and lab. Shared Services allow scientists at UMGCCC and the University of Maryland School of Medicine to pool their equipment, technicians and knowledge for the benefit of all.

FACT Lab Researchers


The FACT Laboratory is housed on the ninth floor of the Bressler Research Building at the Baltimore campus of the University of Maryland. The laboratory features nine rooms occupying a total area of approximately 1,450 square feet. Six of the nine rooms are maintained as an aseptic environment. Additional information about equipment, materials and HVAC can be found in this guide.


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