The Informatics Resource Center at IGS provides a complete suite of microarray analysis services. We have expertise in processing expression arrays, miRNA arrays, SNP arrays, and methylation array manufactured by Affymetrix as well as Illumina.

For expression arrays we can perform QC on the raw data, normalization, differential expression analysis, gene set enrichment analysis, functional enrichment and pathway analysis, classification and predication studies, and novel class/phenotype discovery.

SNP array analysis typically includes data QC and filtering, genome wide association studies (GWAS), Loss-of-Heterozygosity (LOH) study, and copy number variation (CNV) detection.

With miRNA arrays we can perform QC, normalization, differential expression analysis, and integration with other "omic" data.

Epigenetic analysis is performed using methylation arrays and includes data QC and normalization and peak calling.

For conducting these analyses we use a number of commercial as well as open source tools including Illumina Genome Studio, GeneSpring, Ingenuity Pathway Analysis (IPA). In addition to microarray analysis we tools we have developers and statisticians who use existing 'R' libraries and write custom scripts to perform additional analyses.