Note: This information is for patients who are enrolled in the Comprehensive Care Center or have been referred to the Center by a provider.

The Comprehensive Care Center at UM Upper Chesapeake Health is dedicated to helping people get the right care in the right setting. Our team of doctors, nurses, social workers, pharmacists and more is here to explain your diagnosis and support you in managing your health.

We are an outpatient transitional health center in Bel Air. After you are discharged from the hospital, you may be referred to the Center for a follow-up visit to help you manage your condition, prevent a return to the hospital and get back on the road to living well. Treatment in the Center is by physician referral only.

The Comprehensive Care Center works with people who often use the Emergency Department, have been hospitalized multiple times, who don't have a primary care provider or have not had a primary care visit within the last year. Our team:

  • Helps manage your care after hospitalization
  • Provides information on your diagnosis and ways to manage your condition
  • Reviews your medications and costs, if needed
  • Puts you back in touch with your primary care provider—or helps find a new one
  • Shares community resources that may support your needs
  • Keeps contact with you and provides follow-up on recommended medical tests and additional appointments, when necessary

Help for Congestive Heart Failure

If you've been recently hospitalized and diagnosed with congestive heart failure (CHF), our team can help. We'll explain your diagnosis, work with your doctors to design a treatment plan and educate you and your family about the diet and/or lifestyle changes that can help you continue to live well with the disease.

Our team:

  • Offers outpatient treatment for fluid retention
  • Provides remote patient monitoring, as needed