Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) is a patient-centered philosophy that utilizes evidence-based practice to optimize outcomes following surgery. ERAS programs have been shown to decrease complications, reduce opioid requirements, and get you back to your life sooner. UM St Joseph Medical Center was one of the first Cardiac Surgery programs in the country to implement an ERAS program. 

UM St Joseph Medical Center ERAS Program

ERAS programs can minimize complications and speed recovery from open heart surgery. Our ERAS program typically involves:

  1. Standardized patient education
  2. Prehabilitation - Nutrition, medical optimization, physical therapy, anxiety reduction, smoking and alcohol cessation
  3. Shortened preoperative fasting, carbohydrate loading
  4. Postoperative nausea prevention 
  5. Reduced need for opioid pain medication by using multiple non-opioid medications and techniques
  6. Early extubation/getting the breathing tube out sooner
  7. Goal directed therapy/individualized treatment with fluids and cardiac medications
  8. Early and frequent walking and therapy after surgery, liberalized sternal precautions