What happened during the Kronos outage?

In early December 2021, the worldwide Kronos outage disrupted the collection and use of the timekeeping data that hundreds of organizations, including UMMS, use to process payroll. The outage spanned from 12/5/21 to 1/15/22 and affected paychecks issued on 12/23/21, 01/07/22 and 01/21/22.

UMMS committed to paying all our team members on time by estimating pay based on their previous six pay periods. To help ensure that team members did not experience financial hardship, UMMS calculated team member pay by making high estimates, using the highest number of hours worked and paid leave time recorded over the six periods before the outage. UMMS also offered financial hardship payments for team members who applied.

During the outage, UMMS required all team members to continue recording their time, through various methods such as timeclocks, Timestamp, forms and timesheets.

This means that once timekeeping records were reconciled, some team members may have been paid for more hours than they worked during these periods. This includes team members who separated from UMMS during or after the outage period.

How did UMMS validate pay after Kronos was restored?

Once Kronos was fully restored, UMMS relied on this diligent timekeeping and data entry of team members and managers when comparing:

  • What team members were paid for the pay periods, and
  • What they should have been paid for those pay periods based on recorded hours.

To validate each team member's pay when Kronos was restored, we followed these steps:

  1. Data from timeclocks and Timestamp was transferred to the restored Kronos system.
  2. Team members, timekeepers and managers entered timekeeping data recorded on Kronos Exception Forms or Kronos Outage Substitute Timesheets into the restored Kronos system.
  3. Team members and/or their manager reviewed and approved these hours on updated timecards.
  4. Pay was recalculated for those pay periods using the actual hours that managers and team members had approved. And it was determined if team members were paid correctly, underpaid or overpaid, taking into consideration all premium payments, hardship payments and bonuses.

If you received a letter requesting repayment, it is because we have determined that UMMS paid you more than you should have been paid based on hours worked.

For questions about how the amount you owe was determined, please review the letter you received. It details how we reconciled your actual hours worked with the payments you received during the outage. If you have additional questions, please contact us.

Is there a maximum amount that UMMS is asking former team members to repay if they were overpaid?

No. To ensure this reconciliation is fair for all current and former team members, all are expected to pay the full amount of overpayment.

I was underpaid on some of the pay periods but overpaid on another. Will I receive a check?

Your individual report shows the calculation for each pay period that you were employed at UMMS during the Kronos outage as well as your total for all affected pay periods. Your final repayment amount is based on the total overpayment over the three pay periods.

You received a letter from UMMS HR because the amount that you were overpaid for at least one of the pay periods is greater than the amount you were underpaid for others.

How are taxes handled for overpayments?

Content being finalized.

What is the process if the available repayment options do not work for me, if I need more time to repay what I owe UMMS?

UMMS is committed to making the repayment process as convenient as possible for you. AS mentioned above, we are accepting multiple forms of payment and are offering a pay-over-time option. If you believe you have an extraordinary situation or hardship, the first step is for to submit an inquiry using the Contact Us form.

What happens if I don't reply to this request?

While immediate repayment is requested, we recognize that a more extended repayment plan may be necessary, and we will be as flexible as possible in arranging payment plans. However, UMMS will be forced to explore other lawful ways to recover this money if repayment is not made.