Contact: 410-821-4140 or 877-632-4909 (toll free), or

Private insurance, Medicaid and managed care benefits will be verified prior to admission, and prior authorization for admission will be obtained. This is not a guarantee of payment. If you need help understanding your insurance coverage or health plan, start with your insurance company or health benefits manager. If you do not have health coverage, we will try to help you and your family find financial resources or make other arrangements.

We need your help with collecting information and other requirements to obtain coverage or assistance. Our staff members will file claims for you with health care insurers or other programs, such as Medicare and Medicaid. They will also help your physician with necessary documentation or hospital bills and insurance coverage. If you have questions about your bill, contact a Patient Financial Services' customer service representative at 410-821-4140 or 877-632-4909 (toll free).