When an emergency consultation is needed or a patient requires urgent transferring, it takes just one call to the University of Maryland Medical System at 410-328-1234.

This 24/7 line ensures instant access to friendly, highly-trained University of Maryland Access Center Transfer Coordinators, who are dedicated to ensuring that referring physicians and their patients are met with a responsive and well-coordinated approach. Transfer Coordinators facilitate consultation with a specialist or work with sending facilities to arrange an expedient transport to definitive care resources within the University of Maryland Medical System

Maryland ExpressCare Critical Care Transport (MIEMMS License #52)

express careMaryland ExpressCare's (MEC) Critical Care Transport Team offers fast, expert inter-facility transport by ground or air ambulance for patients requiring advanced monitoring and/or intervention while being transferred to University of Maryland Medical System facilities. The transport staff consists of critical care certified nurses with at least 2 years of critical care experience, critical care paramedics and emergency medical technicians. Transport clinicians extend the medical system's technologies and expertise to the bedside. Clinicians undergo an extensive orientation to the transport environment which includes lectures, skills labs, high fidelity simulation labs and clinical rotations.

Pediatric Transport

In collaboration with pediatric emergency medicine and critical care specialists, the MEC team is tasked with the transport of critically ill and injured pediatric patients. For cases involving extreme high acuity, the team may onboard additional clinicians, such as a respiratory therapist or pediatric intensive care unit physician, to augment the mission.

Team capabilities include:

  • Invasive hemodynamic monitoring
  • Vasoactive drug infusions
  • Cardiac monitoring
  • Endotracheal intubation and difficult airway management
  • Advanced resuscitation skills
  • Complete, hospital-based formulary of therapeutic medications
  • Advanced mechanical ventilation
  • Transportation of ECMO patients post cannulation
  • Transvenous and transcutaneous cardiac pacing
  • Prone patient transportation

Maryland Regional Neonatal Transport Program

The Maryland Regional Neonatal Transport Program, a joint program between the University of Maryland Medical System and Johns Hopkins Hospital, provides 24-hour-a-day transport by ambulance or air from community hospitals to UMMS, Johns Hopkins. To arrange a neonatal transport direct, call 1-888-540-6767.

Air Transportation

Through a partnership with PHI Air Medical LLC., Maryland ExpressCare transport service includes helicopters with the capability of transporting sick, complex patients extended distances. ExpressCare-1’s Flight crews include highly trained (instrument flight rated) pilots, certified flight registered nurses (CFRN) and certified flight paramedics (FP-C).


Medical direction for ExpressCare transport teams is provided by board certified emergency medicine and EMS physicians from the Department of Emergency Medicine at the University of Maryland School of Medicine. Medical Direction incorporates consultants from specialty areas such as the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, Critical Care Resuscitation Unit, Lung Rescue Unit, Trauma Resuscitation Unit, Maternal/Fetal Medicine, and the Pediatric Emergency Department

Maryland ExpressCare is licensed by the Maryland Institute of Emergency Medical System Services under Md.Comm.Amb.Lic.# 52