Home health services at University of Maryland Health System helps each person maintain optimal health and independence in his or her home setting.

Our home health services include:

  • Home Care – Our team comes to you to help you secure the best possible care, connecting you with vital health resources once you leave the hospital and return home.
  • Home Infusion – Each UMMS hospital can coordinate home infusion services through our systemwide program.

Home Care

Whether you live a private residence, group home or residential care facility, these services can help:

  • Decrease the chances of hospital re-admissions
  • Increase adherence to medication schedules
  • Decrease your fall risk

Our home care teams at our member hospitals work closely with your primary health care provider and family to coordinate a personalized care plan.

UMMS Home Infusion Services

The fully licensed UMMS Home Infusion Pharmacy brings high-quality traditional and specialty medication infusion services to your home.

Our pharmacists, nurses, dietitians, social workers and other professionals and support staff enjoy working closely with patients, families and physicians to develop safe, effective, personalized home therapy regimens. Our home infusion navigators ensure that the transition to home infusion is efficient and complete.

We offer:

  • A fast, thorough, patient-centered onboarding process
  • Insurance authorization support and denial assistance
  • Help locating financial assistance
  • Care coordination for infusion nursing pharmacy services
  • Personalized care with 24/7/365 patient support assistance
  • Adherence monitoring to ensure desired therapy outcomes
  • Within your electronic health record

System Home Care Services