The University of Maryland Medical System invites all community members to participate in the Not All Wounds Are Visible Community Conversation series. In the past, the conversations have included discussions on depression, anxiety, addiction and adverse childhood experiences. View the videos from all past events.

Suicide Prevention

This webinar about Suicide Prevention features Kevin Briggs, author of Guardian of the Golden Gate. Mr. Briggs, a retired California Highway Patrol sergeant, spent many years patrolling the Golden Gate Bridge. While on patrol, he encountered numerous individuals clinging to life by a thread - individuals who had lost hope and could see no way out of their current situation - ready to jump off the bridge to what they assumed was a sudden death and ending of their pain and hopelessness.

Briggs, through his compassion, gentle voice, eye contact, and his innate ability of "listening to understand" encouraged more than 200 individuals over his career to not end their life, but to begin a new chapter.

Mental Health and COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought many changes to daily living. Many of these changes are sources of anxiety, fear, loneliness and sadness and can worsen existing mental health conditions. Because we are not currently able to gather in person to continue our community conversations, we encourage you to view Not All Wounds Are Visible: A Community Conversation About Mental Health and COVID-19, a special three-part webinar series. View the Mental Health and COVID-19 webinar series.

The webinars provide general wellness information and tips, and are not intended as a substitute for medical advice. Please contact your health care provider for specific guidance or recommendations.

Coping With Racism and Racial Trauma

This two-part webinar series provides information about racism and racial trauma and discusses coping mechanisms, including sharing strategies for self-care and support. View the webinar series videos: Coping With Racism and Racial Trauma Part I - Impact on Adults and Coping With Racism and Racial Trauma Part II - Supporting Children.

Where to Call for Help

If you're feeling suicidal or are thinking of hurting yourself, please seek help.