Pediatric Infectious Diseases

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Infectious Disease

The Division of Infectious Diseases and Tropical Pediatrics offers comprehensive evaluation and treatment of all pediatric infectious diseases. We provide outpatient evaluation and consultation for children hospitalized with complicated infections.

Specialized Evaluations

  • Children with Lyme disease
  • Children with severe or recurrent methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) infections
  • Children who are ill after coming from developing countries
  • Children with fever or unknown infectious diseases

Travelers Clinic

  • Provides vaccinations and prophylaxis against infectious diseases for children and adults traveling outside the United States
  • Provides evaluation of children with infections acquired abroad

Research Activities

Research efforts of the Division of Infectious Diseases and Tropical Pediatrics occur within the University of Maryland Center for Vaccine Development, a world-renowned multi-disciplinary research center that focuses on development of vaccines for diseases of global significance.

  • Epidemiology, pathogenesis and immunity against enteric infections
  • Vaccine development for rotavirus, pertussis, pneumococcus, meningococcus, malaria, Shigella, diarrheagenic E. coli
  • Bioterrorism center