Art therapy staff often need materials for art therapy sessions or to be given out to patients to help normalize the hospital experience. This is particularly important if the patient must stay for a long time or is confined to their rooms for various health reasons.

We appreciate donations of supplies as well as monetary donations.

Donating Supplies

Donated art materials are welcomed but must be new and unused due to patients' needs for sanitary materials. The materials most used are:

  • Crayons, colored pencils, washable markers
  • Watercolor or acrylic paint sets with brush included
  • Drawing or multi-media sketch pads, velvet coloring posters
  • Coloring books - both simple designs for children and more sophisticated ones for teens, (though not overwhelmingly detailed illustrations)
  • Arts and crafts kits, e.g. sticker-by-number books, aqua beads kits, plastic suncatcher kits, costume jewelry kits, egg carton animal craft kits, DIY knot-a-quilt kits, rock painting kits, etc.
  • Theraputty, stress balls, Play-Doh and individually wrapped packets of Model-Magic clay
  • Small DIY balsa wood or blister card birdhouses, race cars, etc. that kids can paint and decorate

Materials we limit or avoid altogether for various reasons include:

  • Glitter and Sharpies, as both are difficult to remove from hospital floors and furniture
  • Chalky/dusty materials, which can be hazardous for patients with respiratory issues
  • Wires, metal, ceramics and glass for general safety reasons

Donating Funds

You can make a monetary donation to UMCH and direct your gift to the art therapy program. You may also make a monetary donation to the Yumi C.A.R.E.S. Foundation.

Internships and Volunteering

Due to the confidential nature of art therapy services, volunteers and persons not enrolled in graduate-level art therapy programs are unable to provide direct client care of any kind.

However, the University of Maryland Children's Hospital offers internship opportunities for those pursuing careers as Art Therapists.