Through radiology, healthcare professionals are able to see inside the human body to diagnose and treat certain conditions. Radiology refers to medical imaging technology and does not always involve actual radiation.

UM St. Joseph Medical Center's Radiology Department offers innovative, comprehensive, and compassionate care when it comes to your imaging needs. Providing over 100,000 imaging procedures a year, UM St. Joseph has a broad range of imaging solutions including CT, ultrasound, diagnostic radiology, interventional radiology, nuclear medicine, and echo. Our state-of-the-art technology includes:

  • 64 Slice CT scanner is able to produce 64 slices in a single rotation. This greatly reduces the time of the scan, reduces the amount of radiation a patient receives, and produces a thinner slice to provide better diagnostic quality images.
  • Digital X-Ray offers the newest technology on the market. This technology allows for fast and efficient exam procedures, anatomical view-based digital image processing automatically optimizes and enhances the quality of the captured image for the imaged anatomy, and customizable image processing.
  • Digital Interventional Radiology is an all digital vascular and interventional imaging system allowing physicians to diagnose and treat a variety of conditions including vascular disease, cancer, and uterine fibroids with precise detail.

Preparing for Your Exam

UM St. Joseph Medical Center and Advanced Radiology's expanded joint ventures is designed to provide exceptional out patient Imaging services. Our outpatient services include MRI, CT, Ultrasound, diagnostic X-ray, PET/CT, digital Mammography, and DEXA bone density measurements.