Emergency care at UM St. Joseph Medical Center is provided to patients of all ages, including infants, children and teenagers. We offer quick access to comprehensive care for many serious, potentially life-threatening conditions, including mental health emergencies.

All pediatric patients should come to our main emergency department (ED). Some patients up to age 17, after initial evaluation, may be sent to our specialized pediatric care department that handles both emergency and urgent (non-life-threatening) needs after normal hours.

After-Hours Pediatric Emergency Care

An extension of our Emergency Department, our After-Hours Pediatric Emergency Care department is open every day from noon to midnight. The purpose of this department, located in the Cynthia "Brownie" Goetze Pediatrics Unit, is to treat patients up to age 17 when doctor's offices are closed or additional specialists are needed to accommodate emergency visits.

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If you need more information about our pediatric emergency services, including our after-hours care, please call 410-427-2066.

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