If you lose your COVID-19 vaccination card, you should first try contacting your vaccination provider directly to request either a new vaccination card or a copy of your vaccination record. If you are unable to contact the provider site directly, contact your state health department’s immunization information system (IIS). Although your state’s IIS cannot issue you a vaccination card, it can provide your vaccination record.

In addition, you can register for an account with Maryland MyIR Mobile, an internet-based portal offered in partnership with the Maryland Department of Health through which you can securely view and obtain copies of your official vaccination records directly from ImmuNet, Maryland's immunization information system.

Visit MyIR for Replacement Vaccination Cards 

About Your COVID-19 Vaccine Card

Your vaccination card, quite simply, is proof of vaccination. You receive this card at your first vaccination appointment. It lists the specific vaccine you received, the date you received it and where you received it.

You should bring your vaccination card with you to your appointment so your vaccine provider can fill in the necessary information about your shot. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends taking a picture of your card after each appointment to keep as a backup. If space on your initial card becomes full, don’t worry—your vaccine provider can give you a fresh one.

Some vaccination providers and health departments may also offer access to digital copies of vaccination cards. You can contact your vaccination provider or local health department to see if a digital copy of your card is available.

The CDC has additional information on vaccination cards, including how to update your record if you were vaccinated abroad and how to report suspicious activity involving fake cards. 

Updated 9/28/2022

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