Thanks to a partnership between UMGCCC and the Ulman Foundation, the cancer center's Young Adult Patient Navigator provides support services to help young adults take charge of their cancer experience.

The navigator works in conjunction with the cancer center's multi-disciplinary treatment teams, social work staff and other care providers to improve the ability of young adults to manage their own cancer experiences and long-term cancer survival.

The Young Adult Patient Navigator is someone who can relate to the special concerns of young people who are dealing with cancer -- issues such as independence, having to interrupt education or a career, dating, fertility preservation and a whole range of emotional issues.

The program is designed for those between the ages of 18 and 40 in any phase of their cancer treatment and survivorship. The navigator can help with a wide range of concerns, including:

  • Access to support resources tailored specifically to young adults
  • Information about cancer, treatment options and lifelong implications of treatment choices
  • Assistance in communicating with the individual's medical care team
  • Counseling about fertility preservation and related issues
  • Life resources, including college scholarships designed especially for young adult cancer survivors
  • Lodging at Ulman House in East Baltimore offers free lodging option for those traveling to Baltimore-area hospitals for extended distances, for treatment multiple times a week

For More Information

To contact Emily Weidow, UMGCCC's Young Adult Patient Navigator, please call 410-328-5496 or email