Salidroside protected against MPP+ -induced Parkinson's disease in PC12 cells by inhibiting inflammation, oxidative stress and cell apoptosis.
Zhou F1,2, Ju J3, Fang Y1, Fan X1, Yan S1, Wang Q4, Wei P1, Duan F5, Miao F6, Hu Z1, Wang M2.

Downregulation of Rab27A contributes to metformin-induced suppression of breast cancer stem cells.
Feng F1, Zhang J2, Fan X1, Yuan F1, Jiang Y3, Lv R1, Ma Y1.

Effect of Chronic Morphine Administration on Circulating Dendritic Cells in SIV-Infected Rhesus Macaques
William D. Cornwell,a Wendeline Wagner,b Mark G. Lewis,b Xiaoxuan Fan,c Jay Rappaport,d and Thomas J. Rogersa,*

Effect of chronic morphine administration on circulating dendritic cells in SIV-infected rhesus macaques
Author links open overlay panel: William D. Cornwell a, Wendeline Wagner b, Mark G Lewis b, Xiaoxuan Fan c, Jay Rappaport d, Thomas J Rogers a

Role of hypoxia in Diffuse Large B-cell Lymphoma: Metabolic repression and selective translation of HK2 facilitates development of DLBCL
Bhalla K1, Jaber S2, Nahid M N3, Underwood K4, Beheshti A5, Landon A6, Bhandary B7, Bastian P8, Evens AM5, Haley J9, Polster B2

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