The UMGCCC Flow Cytometry Shared Services is located in the Bressler Research Building, 7th floor, room 7-022. The Facility makes available state-of-the-art instrumentation and techniques, while developing new ways of answering questions about the nature and function of cells. The facility is interested in contributing to all aspects of the research process including consultation in experiment design, technical assistance, and distribution of raw data files, analyzing and interpretation of results.

The facility also provides training and individual instruction can be provided as needed. Please contact Dr. Xiaoxuan Fan, Director, at 410-706-2173 or email us for details.


The UMGCCC Flow Cytometry Shared Services offers equipment and technical expertise to members of the UMGCCC, and other University Members, in conduction to research in cancer biology and other areas of basic and applies science. The objective of this facility is to provide full scale, state-of-the-art flow cytometry services from sample acquisitions through data analysis to cell sorting.

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  1. All time used needs to be booked through the facility.
  2. Time used must be ordered through iLabs. iLabs is the program that UMAB researchers use to make purchases of services and/or equipment, also for facility use. Please visit their website to order time for flow usage and for more information.
    Note: You must have a user account and password to access the ordering/scheduling system.
  3. The user must place an order through iLabs for the time that they book, or the actual time used if it is greater.
  4. The next scheduled user can request that the current user log off the instrument if they are running into their time. If a user knows that they need more time, communicating this to the staff and the next scheduled users will help to accommodate everyone.
  5. Cancellations must be made within 24 hours from time scheduled, in order not to be billed. It is the user's responsibility to notify the facility if unforeseen circumstances happen that prevent the user from setting up their experiment.
  6. No shows will be charged for the FULL amount of time booked.
  7. Sorter time is billed for the entire time booked which includes the time it takes to set up the sort. Specifying the fluorochromes to be used, and type of sorting required, (sterile, non-sterile etc.) will make setup more efficient.
  8. Users will not be charged for time to remedy a malfunction of the instrument. This does not include issues that result from intrinsic sample properties (sticky or clumpy cells) or time spent configuring the instrument for an experiment that was not communicated prior to the start of the sort.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding these policies, please contact Dr. Xiaoxuan Fan, Director, or email us at