Dr. Bill Regine, chair of radiation oncology, is drawing outside the lines to discuss the unique and advanced cancer-fighting tools UMGCCCC uses to deal with recurrent cancer. 

Creating the right radiation therapy plan for each patient is a complex process. Each doctor may view the same patient's situation differently. That is why many people who have been diagnosed with cancer seek a second opinion.

Specialists within a comprehensive cancer center, such as University of Maryland Marlene and Stewart Greenebaum Comprehensive Cancer Center (UMGCCC), work together as a team, which usually includes radiation oncologists, radiation therapists and sub-specialist oncologists. That team approach means they are more likely to go over every possible perspective. 

Why a Second Opinion Is Important

Radiation therapy isn't a one-size-fits-all treatment. There are many different approaches, options and types of technology.

  • A second opinion gives you the opportunity to get information from someone other than the doctor who is directing your treatment.
  • A second opinion can sometimes confirm the original treatment plan, giving you more confidence in your care.
  • A second opinion can help you make more informed decisions about your treatment. 
  • A second opinion can also reveal new, different and sometimes better treatment options.

How to Request a Second Opinion for Cancer Care

While it may feel uncomfortable to ask, second opinions are a normal part of cancer care. Taking your health into your own hands while consulting with expert physicians will empower you to be the ambassador of your own care.

It is important to gather as much information about your diagnosis as possible, allowing you to make the most informed decision about your treatment.

Most physicians welcome the chance to have another physician review their plan.

To request a second opinion with a UMGCCC radiation oncologist, or to learn more about our program, call 410-328-6080.

Why Choose UMGCCC

  • UMGCCC is the cornerstone of an academic medical center with access to innovations and technologies that are unmatched by other centers in the region.
  • With a robust research program that ranks top 10 in terms of patient accruals to NRG Oncology trials worldwide, UMGCCC's patients have access to cutting-edge clinical trials not available anywhere else. UMGCCC also offers the ability to combine certain therapies in ways that are not available elsewhere.
  • The Maryland Proton Treatment Center (MPTC) is just a few blocks away, offering noninvasive pencil beam proton therapy. Most physicians who see patients at MPTC also treat cancer at UMMC or one of our four other community locations, making them well-rounded experts in their field.
  • One of our advanced radiation therapy technologies or a combination of therapies might be right for you.
  • A leader in providing and developing radiation therapies in Baltimore and beyond, UMGCCC has been a National Cancer Institute (NCI)-designated cancer center since 2008. In 2021, UMGCCC was designated second time with the NCI’s highest status of comprehensive cancer center for another five years. UMGCCC is one of only 51 NCI-designated Comprehensive Cancer Centers in the country.
  • Our cancer care experts have extensive experience diagnosing and treating both early-stage and advanced-stage cancers, as well as complex and rare cancers.

To make an appointment for a second opinion or to learn more about our program, call 410-328-6080.