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Radiation Therapy at University of Maryland Department of Radiation Oncology

Radiation therapy is a type of cancer treatment that kills cancerous cells and shrinks tumors. It focuses high-energy beams on cancer cells while avoiding or minimizing damage to the surrounding tissue as much as possible. 

Our radiation oncology experts provide a full range of radiation therapies. We offer the most advanced treatment options available to help our patients fight a winning battle against cancer. 

The team works closely with medical and surgical oncologists to provide personalized treatment plans for our patients. At minimum, two of our radiation oncologists collaborate on each individual case. This multidisciplinary approach is why many patients come to us for a second opinion about their treatment plans.

University of Maryland Greenebaum Comprehensive Cancer Center (UMGCCC) in downtown Baltimore is designated as a comprehensive cancer center by the National Cancer Institute.

But, the most important feedback we receive is from our patients who inspire us every day to provide excellent care.

With six locations throughout Maryland, our radiation oncology specialists can offer you access to the latest treatments, access to pioneering clinical trials and expert consultation on treatment plans no matter where you live.

To make an appointment or to learn more about our program, call 410-328-6080.

Innovative Therapies and Technology

Our radiation oncologists have pioneered new radiation treatment technologies, such as the GammaPod for early-stage breast cancer.

Our precision treatment options include stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT), which pinpoints tumors with higher doses of radiation, delivers in fewer treatment sessions and spares nearby normal cells.

For patients with liver cancer, we have one of the most experienced selective internal radiation therapy centers in the country. We also offer brachytherapy, which safely delivers radiation from a source implanted into a tumor and hyperthermia in which gentle heat is used before treatment to make radiation therapy work even better.

At the Maryland Proton Treatment Center (MPTC), we offer pencil beam scanning proton therapy, the most advanced form of proton therapy in the world. MPTC's expert physicians are different, with more than 50 years of combined proton therapy experience treating all types of cancer.

Learn more about our therapies and technology.

Research and Clinical Trials

UMGCCC is a national leader in radiation therapy research. We are one of the top 10 radiation oncology departments in the country in terms of federal funding granted for cutting-edge research. This helps give our patients access to the latest technologies available for cancer treatment.

We are committed to providing our patients with access to cutting-edge, investigator-initiated clinical trials as well as National Cancer Institute-sponsored cooperative group clinical trials. The department has consistently ranked among the top 10 of NRG Oncology's main member sites worldwide in terms of patient enrollments for clinical trials.

Our physician-scientists are responsible for inventing technology that is changing the way cancer patients are treated, including the GammaPod for early-stage breast cancer and RapidArc which delivers treatment with sub-millimeter accuracy in less than two minutes.

Read more about radiation oncology research at UMGCCC.

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To make an appointment with one of our radiation oncologists, please call 410-328-6080.

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