virtual patient connect

At UM St. Joseph Medical Center, we know that family and friends are an important part of the healing process. Yet the coronavirus pandemic has made in-person visits impossible for COVID patients.

That's why we have introduced Virtual Patient Connect (VPC) as a way for family, friends and healthcare providers to visit with patients in our hospitals.

This technology uses Cisco's Jabber platform to connect a video-capable computer or device with the iPad in the patient's room. A VPC Navigator will schedule and coordinate the visit for you and the patient.

Who Can Connect

  • At this time, Virtual Patient Connect is only available for COVID-19 patients in designated and equipped rooms.
  • Virtual Visits available 10:00am – 2:00 pm and 5:00pm – 9:00pm / Monday – Friday and from 9:00am – 4:00pm / Saturday and Sunday.
  • Only immediate family or the patient's emergency contact may schedule a visit.
  • UMMS healthcare providers and other providers may also use this technology to conduct virtual visits with a patient.

Let's Get Started

Step 1

Request a scheduled visit with your loved one by contacting the VPC Navigator at 410-337-1560.

Step 2

Once the Navigator schedules the VPC visit, you will receive a Guest Link by email. Please be sure to check your spam filter for an email ending in ""

Step 3

To connect to your Virtual Patient Connect visit, you will need:

  • A computer, tablet or phone with a camera
  • An internet connection
  • A well-lit, quiet space; headphones are recommended

Connecting Via Computer

  • When it is time for your appointment, click the green Join button from the email that you received.
  • This will automatically open up a browser that will ask you to download two plugins to your device allowing you to connect with audio and video. For each, click Download and follow the instructions in your browser to download.
  • Allow permissions, and run the installers provided.
  • When you are ready to start your call, click the green Call button at the bottom of your viewing window.

Connecting Via Tablet or Phone

  • Download the phone application from the App or Play Store on your phone or tablet. Search for "Guest Access – Cisco Jabber" and select Get or Install to download the app to your device.
  • Next, open the email you received from the VPC Navigator on your phone or tablet and click the green Join button. This will launch your Jabber Guest Application.
    • Tip: For another way to join the call, you may click the icon in the top right of your Jabber Guest Application. Then, enter your call link that you received in the email.
  • Allow the permissions requested by the application to access the camera and microphone for your call. When prompted, click Allow.
  • When you are ready to connect, click the green Call button.

For more details and step-by-step instructions, view our Virtual Visit Caller User Guide.

Step 4

Once you click Call, you will be connected to the VPC Navigator. After confirming your identity and verifying the patient you are visiting, the VPC Navigator will transfer you to the UMMS Virtual Connect Room.

Step 5

The Navigator will confirm with the patient that they are able to take the call and then connect the patient to the call using the iPad in their room. Once connected, the Navigator will exit the call; you will see your image in the bottom right and your loved one's image will be on the screen.

Recording of Calls

Recording these calls is not enabled by the Virtual Patient Connect tool. It is advised that the family not attempt to record the calls to protect their loved ones' patient information