Approximately 75 million people live in chronic, debilitating pain that adversely affects their daily life according to the National Pain Foundation. Surprisingly, chronic pain only recently has been recognized as a serious health problem. Although chronic pain is undertreated, patients should not bear it stoically.

For the past few years, the medical community has improved in recognizing and treating chronic pain disorders. Now, hospitals and nursing homes that do not manage chronic pain effectively may be cited by The Joint Commission. Standards include educating patients about pain, measuring pain on a regular basis and improving deficiencies in pain-related care.

Relief from the Pain

The Pain Management Center at University of Maryland St. Joseph Medical Center is a place where patients may find relief from their chronic pain. This technologically advanced, hospital-based facility is dedicated to providing interventional and multi-modal treatments for a wide variety of pain conditions.

State-of-the-art fluoroscopy equipment and specialized equipment for radio frequency treatment and intradiscal procedures offer the most advanced technology available. IDET, cryoablation and specialized drug delivery systems also are available and frequently cannot be found at many large academic centers.

Who is treated at the Pain Management Center?

There are many types of painful conditions affecting the patients of the Pain Management Center. One of the most common conditions is lower back pain, sometimes with pain extending into the legs. Patients with neck and back problems such as disc herniations and arthritic pain are also seen routinely. Other problems treated at the Pain Management Center include cancer pain, nerve injury pain, joint pain, muscular pain, certain types of headaches and pain after surgery.

Pain management procedures performed at University of Maryland St. Joseph Medical Center include:

  • Epidural steroid injections (lumbar and cervical)
  • Sacroiliac joint injection
  • Nerve root block
  • Facet joint block (lumbar and cervical)
  • Major joint and bursa injections
  • Discography 
  • Neuroablation (facet rhizotomy)
  • IDET
  • Autonomic ganglion blocks
  • Intercostal nerve blocks
  • Botox injections
  • IV infusion therapy (Phentolamine)
  • Epidural blood patch
  • Chemical neurolysis

Scheduling Procedures

Procedures to be performed in Pain Management at SJMC are scheduled by the primary care or pain management physician's office through the Surgical Scheduling Office. 


Ambulatory Services Building - 1st Floor
7601 Osler Drive
Towson, Maryland 21204

Procedure Hours

Monday – Friday, 6:30 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. 

Contact Information

  • General Questions: 410-337-4502
  • Unit Phone: 410-337-1537
  • Fax Number: 410-337-4827
  • Nurse Manager: 410-427-2284

Find a Doctor / Make an Appointment

If you’d like to make an appointment, please follow this link to find a participating pain medicine or primary care provider on our Find a Doctor search.