We welcome visits from family and friends to patients in UM Charles Regional Medical Center. It is the philosophy of UM Charles Regional Medical Center that "family," as defined by the patient, is an important component of the patient's psychosocial support system. 

Visitor Guidelines

We ask for your cooperation with these visitor guidelines.

  • Anyone acting in a disorderly fashion, creating a disturbance, or in any other way disrupting patient care or safety will be asked to leave or may be escorted from the Medical Center by Security.
  • Visitors must follow all established infection control policies as they relate to the patients they are visiting. The clinical staff is responsible for the education of all visitors as it applies to infection prevention and hand hygiene. 
  • Visitors who have an illness or infection may not visit a patient if the clinical staff feels that illness or infection may pose a threat to the patient.
  • Visitors should not bring gifts and personal items to patients without first checking with patient care staff. This includes but is not limited to patients' drugs, medications, herbal supplements, alcohol, smoking materials or tobacco of any kind, including e-cigarettes or weapons.
  • Smoking by anyone anywhere in the Medical Center or on the grounds, except inside your vehicle, is prohibited by law.