Spiritual Care

The Spiritual Care Program is an interfaith chaplaincy that offers spiritual support to all patients, their loved ones, and staff. We minister to persons from every faith background including those who do not have a particular faith. The Spiritual Care Program is staffed by qualified lay and ordained chaplains.

How to Reach a Chaplain

If you would like a visit immediately, you, your family, or your medical care giver can request that your nurse contact the chaplain. From the patient's room, dial extension 4189 or dial the operator. There is a Chaplain available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Visits by the Spiritual Care Chaplains

When you are admitted to the Emergency Department or hospital, you will be asked during your admission interview if you would like a visit from a chaplain during your stay. A chaplain will visit you, usually, within 24 hours.

Religious Services at the Bedside

Blessings, Anointing, Prayer and Commendations are available at the bedside by request. Roman Catholic Eucharistic ministers try to see all Roman Catholic patients every Wednesday to give Holy Communion to those who wish to receive. Protestants may request Holy Communion at the bedside.

The Hospital Meditation Room

The Meditation room, located on the second floor, is always open for prayer and quiet reflection. It is used by persons from every faith and denomination.

Prayer requests may be written in the journal in the Meditation Room.

Spiritual Care Phone: 301-609-4189