UM Charles Regional Medical Center is pleased to provide its patients with the Meds to Beds program, a safe and convenient way to obtain your new medications before you leave the hospital. La Plata Pharmacy, located on 6501 Crain Hwy, can deliver your prescribed medications to your hospital room before you are discharged.

If you choose to participate, your health care team will obtain the necessary information required by La Plata Pharmacy.

Important information for you to know about Meds to Beds:

  • Your health care team will make sure you understand how and when to take your meds and why you are taking them.
  • Using Meds to Beds will ensure that there are no delays in starting your medication(s) right away. (Example: You are unable to get to your own pharmacy when you leave the hospital or if your pharmacy does not have the medication(s) you require.)
  • Bedside delivery services are offered Monday through Friday, until 7 pm each day.
  • For medication(s) requiring pre-authorization, La Plata Pharmacy will communicate with your health care provider to make sure you have your medication before leaving the hospital.
  • Prescriptions for opiates and other controlled substances are ineligible for bedside deliver services.
  • Most prescription plans will be accepted and you can use cash, credit, or check for your co-payment.
  • After your initial prescription(s) are filled, refill prescriptions can be forwarded to your favorite pharmacy.
  • La Plata Pharmacy is independently owned and operated and provides competitive pricing.
  • UM Charles Regional Medical Center receives no financial or other incentives for this program.

If you have any questions, please ask your health care team.