UM Charles Regional Medical Center is pleased to announce our Patient Care Technician Program. All Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA), Emergency Department Technicians and OB Technicians are now Patient Care Technicians. 

The program’s goal is to provide employees with an avenue for career development that recognizes and rewards professional growth, promotes leadership and builds a well-rounded care team.  

Our Patient Care Technicians will attend training through the Workforce Center at the College of Southern Maryland. This training will provide an opportunity to build upon the skills acquired as a CNA. Employees who complete all three levels of the program are eligible to sit for the Certified Patient Care Technician exam offered through the National Healthcare Association.

Benefits of the Program

This program prepares employees to engage in the continual improvement of our medical center so that we can we provide the best care possible to our community.


  • Experience an avenue for career advancement
  • Receive recognition and rewards for professional growth
  • Become eligible to sit for NHA Certification Exam (within 90 days of completion of PCT III training)
  • Increase earnings potential
  • Promote leadership
  • Enhance employee satisfaction
  • Inspire employees to work at their full potential

UM Charles Regional Medical Center

  • Increase patient satisfaction
  • Build a well-rounded care team
  • Increase employee engagement
  • Improve retention

Job Responsibilities

Some of the job responsibilities are listed for each of the three levels of the program.

Patient Care Technician I Patient Care Technician II Patient Care Technician III 

Bedside Care

Bedside Care
Bedside Care
Ambulation Ambulation Ambulation
Vital Signs  Vital Signs Vital Signs
Blood Glucose Monitoring Blood Glucose Monitoring Blood Glucose Monitoring
  Bladder Scans  Bladder Scans 
  Urinary Catheterization  Urinary Catheterization  
  Wound Dressing Wound Dressing 
  Venipuncture  Venipuncture 
  IV Placement  IV Placement  
  Acts as a Resource to a new
Acts as a Resource to a new
    Liaison to Administrative Staff 
    Provides Leadership
    Provides In-Services and Disseminates Information
    Participates in
   CRMC Committee