TeleThoracic consultation

  1. Prior to the TeleThoracic consultation, our thoracic surgery team works with you to obtain your medical records and images (chest x-rays, CT chest, PET scans, etc.)  The surgeon needs to review them in advance in order to make treatment recommendations.
  2. Video technology lets you have a private, real-time conversation via desktop computer, tablet, or smartphone with a thoracic surgeon and nurse navigator at UMMC. We encourage you to have a family member or friend join you if possible.
  3. After reviewing your case with you, the surgeon discusses your treatment options and lets you know if you might be a candidate for surgery.  If surgery is an option, our office works with you to schedule additional preoperative testing that can be performed closer to your home. 
  4. We encourage you to ask questions and get to know the surgeon and nurse navigator. The nurse navigator becomes your main point of contact for questions after the TeleThoracic consultation.

TeleThoracic Consultation Length

The initial consultation is about an hour and the follow-up is 30 minutes.

Payment Info

Medicare, Medicaid, and insurance plans may cover the cost of a TeleThoracic consultation, but we will work with all patients.

Second Opinions

UMMC’s thoracic surgeons are leaders in their specialized fields.  University-based medicine gives you access to the highest levels of care where we regularly treat all types of cancer, including rare or unusual cancers, and diseases of the chest.  You can easily have a second opinion from your home, wherever that may be, with a TeleThoracic consultation.  Exploring all of your options is only a few clicks away.

A TeleThoracic consultation does not commit you or the surgeon to proceeding with treatment.

To schedule an appointment in-person with a thoracic surgeon at UMMC, call 410-328-6366.