Greenebaum Compassion Award

The Greenebaum Compassion Award is presented by Marlene and Stewart Greenebaum to a member of the cancer center staff who exemplifies extraordinary caring and compassion in patient care. Mr. Stewart Greenebaum established the award in 2007 to recognize the special care that has become the hallmark of the cancer center that bears his name.

This award commends those individuals who go above and beyond their normal duties to provide not only excellent patient care, but also compassion, hope and dignity at a time when a patient is so vulnerable.

The Greenebaum Compassion Award recognizes that even the simplest act of kindness can have the greatest impact on the quality of a patient's life. This award encourages selfless acts and promotes altruism and compassion in future generations of health care providers.

Greenebaum Compassion Award Recipients

  • 2023: Sakia Coates, Nicole Saunders, Ashley Loftice and Rodney Menard
  • 2022: Patricia Skidmore, Katie Arensmeyer and Sharla Chinniah
  • 2021: Katie Caprinolo, Sherard Lomax and Cheryl Saintcross
  • 2020: Dawn Troutman and Joseph MacCauley
  • 2019: Helen Ploussiou and Rachael Tavik
  • 2018: Rachel Elhai and Jennifer Nishioka
  • 2017: Stephanie Everitt and Courtney Campbell
  • 2016: Majbritt Jensen and Melissa Lay
  • 2015: Heather Thomas and Thi Nguyen
  • 2014: Bridgette Gilmore and Brandi Stevenson
  • 2013: Lisa Mayo and Michelle (Shelle) Besche
  • 2012: Wilean Wilson and Mary Rutter
  • 2011: Anne McNerney and Rosemary Wilson
  • 2010: Jack Carney, Jeana Marquardt and Laura White
  • 2009: Melanell Labador
  • 2008: Peggy Torr and Yolanda Sumter