Critical care medical provider in an office

UM Charles Regional Medical Center's Intensive Care Unit provides ongoing nursing care to patients who are seriously ill and/or who suffer from complex health conditions.

This unit has the latest technology to help us closely monitor our critically ill patients. Mobile carts allow nurses to do patient documentation at the bedside while our beds allow us to weigh patients in bed and to monitor them if they attempt to leave their beds. A family lounge is located just outside of the ICU for the convenience of the visitors to the ICU.

The ICU operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Transfer to UMMC

In some cases, a patient may be transferred to the University of Maryland Medical Center in Baltimore for further care. Families of these patients are encouraged to review UMMC's visitor information for helpful resources and tips and to learn more about the facility.

Visiting Hours

Visitation may be altered or reduced at the nurse's or doctor's discretion. All visitors to our intensive care unit must use the telephone in the intensive care unit hallway to gain entry.

For more information on intensive care, please call the UM Charles Regional ICU at 301-609-4286.