Senior Leadership

Kevin J. Cullen, MD, Director and Principal Investigator
Ashkan Emadi, MD, PhD, Associate Director for Clinical Research
Richard L. Eckert, PhD, Associate Director for Basic Science
Clement Adebamowo, BM, ChB, FACS, FWACS, ScD, Associate Director for Population Science
Nicholas Ambulos, Jr., PhD, Associate Director of Shared Services
Toni M. Antalis, PhD, Director of Training and Education
Robert F. Mitchell, BS, Associate Director for Administration

Research Program Leadership

Experimental Therapeutics
Maria R. Baer, MD, Program Co-leader
Feyruz V. Rassool, PhD, Program Co-leader

Hormone Responsive Cancers
Amy Fulton, PhD, Program Co-leader
Arif Hussain, MD, Program Co-leader

Molecular and Structural Biology
Ronald Gartenhaus, MD, Program Co-leader
David J. Weber, PhD, Program Co-leader

Population Science
Joanne Dorgan, PhD, MPH, Program Co-leader
Cheryl L. Holt, PhD, Program Co-leader

Tumor Immunology and Immunotherapy
Eduardo Davila, PhD, Program Co-leader
Aaron Rapoport, MD, Program Co-leader

Shared Services Leadership

Biostatistics Shared Service
Soren Bentzen, PhD, Director

Flow Cytometry Shared Service
Xiaoxuan Fan, PhD, Director

Genomics Shared Service
Nicholas Ambulos, PhD, Director

Imaging Shared Service
Rao Gullapalli, PhD, Director

Pathology and Biorepository Shared Service
Olga Ioffe, MD, Co-director
Paul Staats, MD, Co-director

Structural Biology Shared Service
David J. Weber, PhD, Co-director
Eric Sundberg, PhD, Co-director

Translational Laboratory Shared Service
Rena Lapidus, PhD, Director