For Immediate Release June 15, 2022

Physical therapist Amol Bakre heads up the new Running Center at UM Charles Regional Rehabilitation

UM Charles Regional Rehabilitation physical therapist Amol Bakre, PT, MS, OCS, RRCA-L1, right, demonstrates running exercises and training techniques with Rehabilitation team member Ashley Metivier.

LA PLATA, Md. – June 15, 2022 — The University of Maryland Charles Regional Medical Center has added a running center to its Rehabilitation practice.

Running is one of the world's most popular activities, and the Southern Maryland region is full of 5K and 10K runs that make use of the many scenic roads and trails.

The UM Charles Regional Rehabilitation Running Center offers personalized programs to help runners improve their performance as well as advice on injury prevention and footwear modification.

All runners will work with physical therapist Amol Bakre, an RRCA Certified Level 1 Running Coach and Board Certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist. Bakre has spent the last five years at the UM Charles Regional Rehabilitation office helping patients overcome injuries and surgeries before expanding his expertise to working with runners.

A runner himself, Bakre is dedicated to helping others achieve their goals. Whether this means training for an upcoming race, recovering from or preventing an injury, or just getting into running for the first time, Bakre will utilize the resources in the Running Center to help runners at every level.

"I've seen firsthand the benefits of running, and I want to bring that to members of our community," Bakre said. "But I've also seen my fair share of running injuries, and I know that the right specialized support is critical for both recovery and prevention work."

An initial assessment will be the first step in setting a program tailored for each runner. The first visit includes a VO2 max measurement to determine the maximum amount of oxygen the athlete can utilize during intense exercise, which helps to develop a customized plan and set of goals.

The Running Center's fully-equipped facility includes a treadmill, stationary recumbent bikes, a kettlebell training station and an agility ladder. Appointments are now available at the La Plata office by calling 301-609-5494.